Jodi Arias SHOULD Die – 001

photo (1)jodi-arias-jail

This podcast is what every potential juror needs to know before they head to court to listen to the LIES spewed from the mouths of defense attorneys.

There is an enormous problem with Death Penalty cases which the public needs to know about.  After a killer is convicted we move onto the penalty phase of the trial.  This is where the jury must decide life or death.   This is when criminal defense attorneys tell the jury that life without parole is a worse punishment than death.  They say death is the easy way out, and the real way to punish the killer is to send them away with no chance of ever getting out.

Sometimes jurors buy this argument.  What they are really buying is a BIG LIE. Life without parole is a life.  It’s a life full of leisure activities, human interaction and time for personal enjoyment.  This is now being proven by Killer Jodi Arias.

In this Episode of Legal Insanity I will prove to you with the help of Killer Arias that life without parole doesn’t even come close to sitting on death row.  Killer Arias’ jailhouse phone calls  prove this point.  Killer Arias and her new pal, rapper  Kareem Williams aka Lefty, detail Killer’s new life which is full of leisure and joy.

Listen to the podcast so you will know the TRUTH about what is really happening in our system of justice!