The Gorilla Was NOT Murdered! – 017


I know you are upset.  So am I.  Harambe should not have died.  But it happened, and now it’s time for some real legal analysis.

Leave your emotions out of it for just a moment.  Follow me as we look at the law. When you hear what I have to say and more importantly what the law says it is clear – The Gorilla was NOT murdered and NO CRIME was committed.

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Insider Says Casey Anthony Paid Defense with SEX


I’m sorry I have to talk about her… but it’s in the headlines and it’s my job.  Explosive allegations by Casey’s former investigator that she paid Jose Baez with SEX.  I have the legal documents, the sworn statements, in my hands and they are beyond shocking.

But the most explosive statement made by her investigator has NOTHING to do with the sex.  It is far more important and once again undermines our system of justice.  It goes to the entire integrity of criminal trials and exposes what really happened down in Orange County, Florida.

If you watched the trial.  If you followed the case… you MUST listen to this podcast!