Orlando Terror Wife MUST Be Prosecuted

terror wife

She could have stopped it.  She didn’t.  Now the wife of the Orlando Terrorist MUST be prosecuted.  Our system of justice needs to use all its power to send a clear message to anyone who knows anything about a terrorist attack: NOTIFY POLICE or GO TO PRISON.

But her knowledge is just the beginning of her responsibility.  The blood of 49 innocent people is on her hands… and I will tell you why she needs to be held accountable.

The Stanford Rapist OUTRAGE -017

stanford Rapist

This story has sparked outrage… righteous outrage.  I went to Stanford and this story demonstrates the absolute worst example of a Stanford student and THE BEST.

I am going to examine ALL the reasons I am outraged and two reasons why I am proud.  This story is important… and this issue is crucial for every parent, student and human being to fully understand.

Listen to this podcast and you will be outraged, educated and empowered!