Bill Cosby NEEDS to be Prosecuted


I am tired of hearing all these pundits tell us why this case shouldn’t be prosecuted.   DAs who are doing their job have an obligation and a duty to always seek justice.  When an accuser comes forward and you believe that accuser, it is time to act.  Your obligation is not to just bring those cases when your evidence is overwhelming… it is to bring charges when you believe you can finally stop and punish someone who has violated laws and victims. Sometimes cases aren’t easy, but that’s what separates real prosecutors from posers.

Plus Defense Attorney JOEY JACKSON takes us behind closed doors to explain what  really happens in that attorney client meeting with a defendant like Cosby.jjlove

…And it’s a BOMBSHELL of a Court TV Reunion with NANCY GRACE!


15 thoughts on “Bill Cosby NEEDS to be Prosecuted”

  1. I’m not sure where I stand on this one. As a child, I loved Bill Cosby, the Pudding Pops, and watching the Huckstables every week. The allegations that he drugged and raped girls and women is despicable! However, isn’t there a timeline to follow regarding the accusations?

    1. What does that have to do with anything. I loved his characters too but they were just that! Characters! Not the real person by any stretch of the imagination. There have been 50 women who have come forward. Do you really think 50 women are lying?? I am a woman and I can guarantee you I will believe these women and support them as much as I can. This is the very reason most of them didn’t come forward for years for fear of no one believing them. AFraid of being raked over the coals because of the public’s perception of Bill Cosby as the wonderful Dr. Huxtable which we all know is acting. Yes he is an actor. Do you really think there that the person who played a serial killer is really a serial killer? Of course not but you will believe a serial rapist is really Dr. Huxtable. Unbelievable how anyone cannot see those women’s pain when they relate their stories. All those years ago the perception of women was much different than today or at least as it should be today. Have we not moved forward in our thinking. Has anyone watched the series Mad Men. That is exactly the way women were perceived back in the 60s and to accuse a superstar of rape would never have been believed and probably would have caused an actress to be blacklisted. I will not go back to that. I hope no one does. Unfortunately that does not look to be the case. Bill Cosby should be in jail where he belongs. He even admitted to giving women a drug..what else do you want? If this was my son being accused of so many rapes he would be in prison long ago and the public would be outraged..Bill Cosby is only dirt under my son’s feet.

    1. My thoughts on Bill Cosby is perplexed . I think these women that accuse him of this action should have pressed charges while he was younger , when it actually happened. He’s lived his life and has tons of money .Now he’s old . What purpose would that serve.I think Janice Dickerson is Wacko anyway. It is questionable. I’m no really up on the more recent so not sure about that either. I think it’s very questionable when there’s nothing tangible to put your finger on.

  2. hi Vinnie,
    very happy to have listened to this great podcast today. it is fantastic having you back. very thought provoking as usual. today’s guests part of my favorites. Joey always makes sense of legal insanity- a great duo to listen and learn from. Nancy is also a welcomed guest in my home and she is the one of the most passionate voices for victims. once again Vinnie a great podcast.

  3. OMG I love joey he is so mannered professional kind knowledgeable an appealing demeanor such a goooood choice why he doesn’t interrupt like some …woman does you can have your opinion and able to speak a whole sentence toooooo he explains and can present both side of an argument so intelligent cosby needs to be prosecuted should each woman have their say

  4. Awesome interview Vinnie! Interesting as always to hear from Joey Jackson and Nancy Grace! I love them both. The whole case of Cosby will be interesting to follow eventhough I was always a big fan of his for the past 40 years. It actually makes me sad to think of his alleged crimes yet it needs to be investigated and dealt with for sure. I agree with you as I always have because of your true dedication and belief of justice for the victims. You have a big heart and desire for righteous lifestyle. I’m glad to be able to listen to your informative interviews here! And I just have to tell you, after hearing your little helpful reminders about remembering your last name; cosmopolitan, metropolitan, etc,, I always remembered it by thinking of “Neopolitan” because of “Vin- NIE-politan.”

    1. Nancy Grace is a loudmouth who is extremely prejudiced against the defence in any case. She is not rational and was a disgraced prosecutor in her day. She has no right to judge anyone.

  5. I agree about Cosby’s case should have been brought to the court system while he was young.. The ladies that he hurt should have came forward way before now. Since they are sayin’ there was several women he drugged & raped surely one or two of them should have turned him in before now.. I don’t agree with what Cosby did to the ladies just it all comin’ out after all these years..

    1. Half the world don’t believe them now. Imagine what they would have went through 40 years ago when women were only sex objects in the eyes of most men. You have to remember the times as they were back then. Women have come a long way since that time. Good for them for having the guts to finally do something.

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