Casey Anthony Verdict UNDERMINES our System


Our system of justice is the best in the world.  It was created to prevent the conviction of the innocent.  With that comes an inherent advantage to criminal defendants in a courtroom.  The rules have been created, interpreted and implemented to ensure fairness and prevent travesties of justice.  The price of this is that some defendants can take advantage of the rules.

Casey Anthony was found Not Guilty of the major charges against her. She is free today.  It was all because of the way our system allows criminal defendants to use and exploit the rules in a way the prosecution can not.  It was all because of the way a defendant can mislead a jury and completely change the way a jury sees the evidence in a case.

In this podcast I will take another look at what happened inside that courtroom in Orange County Florida and show you how the Casey Anthony trial and verdict UNDERMINES our system of justice!

17 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Verdict UNDERMINES our System”

  1. Every time I hear her name my gut cramps. She and her “crew” twisted and manipulated the evidence until you were not sure what the question was. Her parents boggle my mind.. she threw them under the TRAIN and they went along with it. Hey, I’d love my kid to the end of the world but I sure don’t have to like her. Nor would I allow her to have her lawyers (so to speak) badger me.. Bottom line.. I still think she should be on death row and not walking the streets free.

  2. My heart breaks, that the legal system allows you to lie…. who can lie the best? To trick the jurry, to make the jurry believe a lie in order to create reasonable doubt, should be punishable to the lawyer that creates a lie to misslead jurry! How is this aloud? Why is the American justice system aloud to do this? This is a crime in its self!! I think that she should be put to death along with Jody Airas!!! Especially since the truth is now known!!! Can’t get her? Get the lawyer scumbag that lied!!!!

  3. I know what happen so does the rest of the world except for 12 cowards..she killed caley because she was learning to talk and could contradict anything her mother said..out of the mouths of babes comes truths….no matter how she did it..that baby didnt put herself in garbage bags nor did she duct tape her own mouth and walk herself to her fowl grave…those 12 ignorant coward jurors are just as responsible as if they killed caley too…un real

  4. Biaz said caley drowned..if true..why throw her body interviews casey kept saying I FEEL SHE IS CLOSE well hell yes she was..and she knew why bring George down..why did caseys mother lie for could she be so care free that very afternoon to go rent movies arm in arm with BF..she carried that baby in the back of her car 2 to 3 days..then she dumped her body..I know Jeff Ashton is still sick to his gut over this

  5. To this day I cannot believe what a disgrace that trial was. Precious little Caylee didn’t have any justice and that murderer roams the street free?

  6. Casey Satan-Liar was responsible for the death of her child. I’ll keep repeating/paraphrasing the prosecutor in his closing statement. “To believe the defense in this case , is to take a trip down the rabbit hole !!

  7. I watched that trial faithfully. I miss the ability to watch live. Reading a play by play acct. lacks the ability to see the physicality of the witnesses and the defendant. I would love to see court TV come back.

  8. yet i know Caylee did drown .I have the gift of dreams and visions.I already know you wont believe me.Nancy Grace would try to eat me for breakfast.Robin Meade did see me when i came to see her on her tour.I wasnt allowed to talk to her about my gift.CNN said it was “controversal.”You should check out what i wrote Caseys bankrupsy judge and his reply.Robin has it in her facebook inbox.Im going there next month again for the hearing on Kronk.Holding a sign again.This time it will say”For the love of Caylee Marie.” The title of the book i gave to the bankrupsy judge to give to the bankrupsy trustee to pay the searchers that looked for Caylee.I wont get a dime.Casey wont get a dime.Just the ones that looked.A judge with many,many years on the bench told me it would be a best seller.I hope for the searchers it is.

  9. This case brought me to tears. I could not believe all the lies, no perjury convictions….innuendos and lies….I feel sick whenever I think of that precious little child..

  10. She is FREE??? WHAT IN THE WORLD. This is a disgrace. Casey Anthony is a dispicable excuse of a human. I agree, our “Justice System” protects the GUILTY. #mockery #evilgofree

  11. Thank God I was not on the jury because it would have been a hun jury. Because no mother would ever not report their child missing after 31 days a true mother would have not waited one second!!! She was suppose to protect her child that is what a mother does so weather he killed her or not she is the mother and she did not protect her own child so she should have been convicted for not protecting her child!!!!

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