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Rumors swirling again that the nation’s most hated ex-mother is pregnant again.  Rumors also swirling that she is not saying who the father is AGAIN.  This baby needs to be saved… this father has rights… So IF this is true (she’s been known to lie) I will tell you how to get that baby out of the clutches of this ex-Mom.  Helping me save that baby is family law attorney Randy Kessler.  Buckle your seatbelts for a ride into the place we hope we never have to go… family court with Casey “Convicted Felon” Anthony…

17 thoughts on “CaseyAnthonyPREGNANT…Nooooo! -005”

  1. If she is that is disgusting. And CPS should be in her azz from the delivery room. Acquitted or not the DUMB jurors screwed up on that one.

    New Petition to Sterilize Casey Anthony should be started just in case she really is pregnant. Its probably Jose Baez baby.

  2. If she is pregnant, after the child is born remove the child far away from her never to be seen by that baby killer skank! Then to prevent future pregnancies, tie her tubes no better yet she needs a hysterectomy then she’ll be unable to bring an innocent child into the world, the skanks world!

  3. Oh Lord! And the court will say she was NOT found guilty of murder and that she PAID HER TIME for what she was convicted of. AS SAD AND ANGRY IT MAKES ME!!!

  4. is she gonna act like mother of the year with this one? It sickens me that she’s even allowed to have another baby, let’s hope she don’t get jealous like she was of Caylee, and she will, in cases such as this, when a BABY KILLER has another baby, Especially one as evil as CA, it should be Instantly taken away from the Monster, she needs to be Rotting in a jail cell, actually hell would be more appropriate, and her having a child would be putting another child through hell.

  5. If this is true Casey Anthony will be one of most sought after person Paparizzi will be all over this n she will display such affection n love for this child. Casey still craving the attention n she’ll make money off of this.

  6. She probably doesn’t know who the father is.If she is pregnant will she get away with murder again?Probably if the baby isn’t taken away from her.

  7. The child should be taken from the hospital and she should not see it. So very sad that it would comment that when we do have all kinds of prevention. This is not surprising though!

  8. Hi Vinnie,
    Thanks for this interview/report and questioning the fitness of Casey Anthony as a mother. I remember reading that AFTER the trial the department of child services in Orlando wrote that they hold Casey responsible for what happened to Caylee and that Casey was negligent, etc. If this is true couldn’t the father of the child use this in court to gain custody? And couldn’t this report qualify the department to oversee any child born to Anthony?

  9. This is from a CNN 2011 article: “Casey Anthony had been investigated by the agency, when state child welfare investigators determined on September 14, 2008, that there were “verified findings” indicating that Anthony was responsible for “inadequate supervision and threatened harm” of her child, although it found “no indicators of physical injury.” Would this work in favor of the father getting custody? Thanks for speaking for Caylee and looking out for the welfare of possible future children.

  10. Who is the father? He surely needs investigating! I know that men have “needs,” but who would want to sleep with that? It would be like sleeping with Jodi Arias, and WHO would do that? (I am writing from England, only just found you Vinnie.) Keep up your work with Arias, I think that she is the most hated woman in the world…makes Antony look like Tinkerbell.

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