Ashleigh Banfield’s New HLN Show! – 019


This Fall Ashleigh Banfield will begin her new 8:00 pm Primetime show on HLN.  She will be filling the timeslot left open by Nancy Grace who is leaving.  Ashleigh has a long career in television including a stint at COURT TV.  Her current midday show on CNN is called Legal View.

So what will her new show be like?  How much crime and justice will she cover?  The answers to these questions and what happened to the glasses are all found in this special one on one conversation with Ashleigh Banfield!

Orlando Terror Wife MUST Be Prosecuted

terror wife

She could have stopped it.  She didn’t.  Now the wife of the Orlando Terrorist MUST be prosecuted.  Our system of justice needs to use all its power to send a clear message to anyone who knows anything about a terrorist attack: NOTIFY POLICE or GO TO PRISON.

But her knowledge is just the beginning of her responsibility.  The blood of 49 innocent people is on her hands… and I will tell you why she needs to be held accountable.

The Stanford Rapist OUTRAGE -017

stanford Rapist

This story has sparked outrage… righteous outrage.  I went to Stanford and this story demonstrates the absolute worst example of a Stanford student and THE BEST.

I am going to examine ALL the reasons I am outraged and two reasons why I am proud.  This story is important… and this issue is crucial for every parent, student and human being to fully understand.

Listen to this podcast and you will be outraged, educated and empowered!

The Gorilla Was NOT Murdered! – 017


I know you are upset.  So am I.  Harambe should not have died.  But it happened, and now it’s time for some real legal analysis.

Leave your emotions out of it for just a moment.  Follow me as we look at the law. When you hear what I have to say and more importantly what the law says it is clear – The Gorilla was NOT murdered and NO CRIME was committed.

Please listen to this episode and share it on your page.

Insider Says Casey Anthony Paid Defense with SEX


I’m sorry I have to talk about her… but it’s in the headlines and it’s my job.  Explosive allegations by Casey’s former investigator that she paid Jose Baez with SEX.  I have the legal documents, the sworn statements, in my hands and they are beyond shocking.

But the most explosive statement made by her investigator has NOTHING to do with the sex.  It is far more important and once again undermines our system of justice.  It goes to the entire integrity of criminal trials and exposes what really happened down in Orange County, Florida.

If you watched the trial.  If you followed the case… you MUST listen to this podcast!

Why Did PRINCE Die? -015


Anytime an ICONIC figure dies there are questions.  This is especially true when they die way too young.  Such is this case with Prince.

He performed in Atlanta and everyone said he was fabulous.  He had an emergency stop in Illinois, but went home to entertain guests.  Then he was found dead in the elevator of his home/studio.

What answers will we get?  What can the autopsy and toxicology reveal?  Veteran death investigator Joseph Scott Morgan from Jacksonville State University answers the questions!

Hot Car Death Trial… the EX-FACTOR Leanna – 14


Ross Harris is the only one on trial for the murder of his 22 month old son Cooper.  He is the only one indicted and the only one prosecutors believe they have evidence to convict.  But in the world of social media the focus of this case has been Harris’ now ex-wife Leanna.

Many believe she is involved.  The statements she made the day her son died and the way she acted in the aftermath have put a huge social media cloud of suspicion over her head.

Now we get to here her side of the story.  Her explanation for what she said and why she said it.  What she did and why she did it.  Its an in-depth look at the Ex-Factor in this trial… Leanna Taylor (formerly Harris).

Casey Anthony Verdict UNDERMINES our System


Our system of justice is the best in the world.  It was created to prevent the conviction of the innocent.  With that comes an inherent advantage to criminal defendants in a courtroom.  The rules have been created, interpreted and implemented to ensure fairness and prevent travesties of justice.  The price of this is that some defendants can take advantage of the rules.

Casey Anthony was found Not Guilty of the major charges against her. She is free today.  It was all because of the way our system allows criminal defendants to use and exploit the rules in a way the prosecution can not.  It was all because of the way a defendant can mislead a jury and completely change the way a jury sees the evidence in a case.

In this podcast I will take another look at what happened inside that courtroom in Orange County Florida and show you how the Casey Anthony trial and verdict UNDERMINES our system of justice!

Prosecuting the INNOCENT with Judge Alex


There is a BIG difference between Not Guilty and Innocent.  Everyday in courts around the country criminal defendants are found Not Guilty by a jury.  These are primarily cases where the prosecution did not have enough evidence to prove the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  It doesn’t mean the defendant didn’t do it.  It just means there wasn’t enough evidence.  BIG difference.

But once in a blue moon a factually innocent person is prosecuted, put on trial. This shouldn’t happen, but it does.  So what REALLY happens when an INNOCENT person is put on trial.  What does it mean, how does it happen, what traanspires inside the courtroom.

TV”s Judge Alex joins the Insanity to give his unique perspective on what happens when the INNOCENT are prosecuted!

Show me the EVIDENCE Steven Avery was FRAMED – 011


The public outcry is LOUD. People are saying the subject of Making A Murderer, Steven Avery, was framed by police.  They talk about the Rav 4 key, the blood, the clean-up, the searches and the civil lawsuit.  Many say the police engaged in a conspiracy to make this once wrongfully convicted man once again wrongfully convicted.

Framing someone else for a crime IS A CRIME.  So with all these accusations flying around it’s time to ask one simple question: “Where is the evidence that Steven Avery was framed?”  I am not talking about evidence of reasonable doubt that Avery is a killer.  I am talking about evidence that the crime of framing someone else for a crime was committed.

Anytime we accuse people of a crime we evaluate the evidence of that alleged crime.  Well, the same standards apply here.  Police are being accused of a crime, so it is time to show me the EVIDENCE Steven Avery was FRAMED.

In this podcast independent forensic expert, Dr. Lawrence Kobilinsky, from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice tackles the evidence brought up in Making A Murderer.  Dr. K has no ax to grind, no horse or dog in the race.  He is truly an independent expert calling it as he sees it!