Hot Car Death Trial… the EX-FACTOR Leanna – 14


Ross Harris is the only one on trial for the murder of his 22 month old son Cooper.  He is the only one indicted and the only one prosecutors believe they have evidence to convict.  But in the world of social media the focus of this case has been Harris’ now ex-wife Leanna.

Many believe she is involved.  The statements she made the day her son died and the way she acted in the aftermath have put a huge social media cloud of suspicion over her head.

Now we get to here her side of the story.  Her explanation for what she said and why she said it.  What she did and why she did it.  Its an in-depth look at the Ex-Factor in this trial… Leanna Taylor (formerly Harris).

9 thoughts on “Hot Car Death Trial… the EX-FACTOR Leanna – 14”

  1. I’m glad your covering this. We need a legal analysis to bring this into vocus. Miss court TV, but love your pod cast every Wednesday.
    Looking forward to your coverage of this trail. I hope I can see it.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. This was a fascinating podcast, Vinnie. I have always been troubled by the wife’s behaviors and comments. I am still skeptical of her, but found her lawyer’s perspective interesting to consider. As for Ross, that he could be so distracted (even with his sex addiction) that he could forget Cooper after only a 2 minute drive….well, I just can’t buy that. It’s just not logical. Poor child….

  3. I believe she cut a deal and divorced him so she could testify against him and save her own ass. I believe she was also involved in it.

  4. Why did she divorce him when she believed in him and said what a wonderful dad he was? So why is she not staying with him?

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