Jodi Arias SHOULD Die – 001

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This podcast is what every potential juror needs to know before they head to court to listen to the LIES spewed from the mouths of defense attorneys.

There is an enormous problem with Death Penalty cases which the public needs to know about.  After a killer is convicted we move onto the penalty phase of the trial.  This is where the jury must decide life or death.   This is when criminal defense attorneys tell the jury that life without parole is a worse punishment than death.  They say death is the easy way out, and the real way to punish the killer is to send them away with no chance of ever getting out.

Sometimes jurors buy this argument.  What they are really buying is a BIG LIE. Life without parole is a life.  It’s a life full of leisure activities, human interaction and time for personal enjoyment.  This is now being proven by Killer Jodi Arias.

In this Episode of Legal Insanity I will prove to you with the help of Killer Arias that life without parole doesn’t even come close to sitting on death row.  Killer Arias’ jailhouse phone calls  prove this point.  Killer Arias and her new pal, rapper  Kareem Williams aka Lefty, detail Killer’s new life which is full of leisure and joy.

Listen to the podcast so you will know the TRUTH about what is really happening in our system of justice!


42 thoughts on “Jodi Arias SHOULD Die – 001”

  1. What a bunch of crap! She has it better than most people do!! Free time!!

    I finally got into your site and I am thrilled!! Thank You for having this as I always enjoined your opinions.

  2. Yes, it sucks she has such a great life behind bars. To make everyone feel better, I will make this point: May be still ok now, but decades down the road I’m sure she won’t be so chipper . She will see others leave prison to go home to their families & she will know that will never be her reality and we know just how jealous she is of other women that has something she doesm’t. I know the family wanted DP, but I think maybe (can’t speak for them) that the jillion appeals offered to DR inmates courtesy of the state will drag the Alexanders back into her world over and over. Plus, I think about the present & future Alexander & Arias’s children and I don’t want them to grow up with the black cloud that is looming execution and to have to suffer thru countless appeal hearings . There will be a time when she is nearly forgotten and that to her will be a fate worse than death.

    Yes, she watches TV, but it too will just remind her that she doesn’t have a real life or any control of it. No children, no dinners out, sunrise, sunsets, family dinners, oh just a ton of things including computers and Social Media which she loved. Oh, and no hot guys! Let her be someone’s B**ch. Those women in maximum security are hard core and will be jeolous of all her attention, priviledges and probably more than anything, the tons of goodies she gets from commisary and gifts from the outside. I know that would piss me off if she had everything and I had nothing and those women do not play nice. I could go on and on, but there is just not enough space and time to really discuss the ins and outs of life behind bars and the repercussions.

    I have always loved your insight and professionalism.

      1. I was just thinking about Manson and his followers … they surely have been forgotten about and out of the spotlight, just like it will be for Arias in the very near future! She’s just putting on her performance of having a nice life but there is absolutely nothing that she has to look forward to … NOTHING!

  3. Vinnie this is awesome!!!!!
    Love it!!!
    This is why I always say : ” You’re the Best!!!
    You are greatly miss is MA…
    Thanks for tell the true in a word when JUST the LIARs get something, anything….

  4. I agree with you if only she would go away what bothers me most is the money spent on her defense ie protecting her for killing a man in such a horrible way no other race would have been allowed such Travis was on trial not convicted murder she was just a by product who gets two experts witness as a do over tax payers money.

  5. My question is can you really believe anything Jodi says? I’m sure she wants everyone to believe it’s a walk in the park.

  6. Unfortunately it’s too late for us to deal with this murderer. How do we know that what she says is the truth anyway? As we all know from watching her in action, she tends to not be truthful. Hopefully, she is not having as easy a time as she says. I like your take on things and I think you should go nationwide with your ideas. Keep up the good work!

  7. I totally agree! Really, she gets better TV than me? I can’t afford cable, and I work 2 jobs! Can’t wait until you talk to Juan. I will be listening! Thank you from Maine.

  8. Truth is, she never was more than a part time waitress who spread her cheeks, all of them, for a roof and three squares. She covetously had her eye on the more influential, affluent man who could provide what she could never earn, was too lazy to achieve on her own. The ditchpig felt entitled and wanted Travis to fulfill her desired life of ease, comfort, and financial security. Who, when they know they are not wanted, continues to crawl like a thief in the night, through a doggy door? Oh wait, she was a thief, stealing an engagement ring meant for a different woman. Who moves within blocks of the man who broke up with you? Who slashes your car tires while you are dating a new woman? Who stalks, prowls around the house like a peeping Tom and sits by the bed watching you sleep? Who borrows and purchases gas can’s to not leave a paper trail? Who dyes her hair, rents a car and drives 1000 miles out of her way when she wasn’t expected? After all her false defiant pretense about preferring the death penalty, all the bluster and bravado, the ditchpig changed her mind as death began to sniff and wrap its macabre tentacles around her ankles. She is a coward, a liar, a thief a killer and she was absolutely obsessed with Travis. The fact that she breathes air and raises her ugly mug is why the death penalty was welcomed.

  9. It’s really amazes me how blind people are to the truth/facts. I am sickened to this day over the verdict……couldn’t believe she didn’t get death.

  10. Great podcast Vinnie. I don’t think you believe JA’s exuberance anymore than I do. Every time her lips move, she’s lying.

    Her being upbeat was no more than a pretense to make her haters think she’s having a good life. Being locked down 23 hours a day is no life and everyone is aware of that. The fact she thinks we are fooled, shows more of her usual arrogance.

    Was so pleased to hear she was back in lock down for the phone conversation going out on the internet. Hopefully this means her contact visits won’t happen soon as she mentioned. Hope it also means her reaching level three is delayed.

  11. As I stated on Nancy Grace last year, I was disappointed in the lone juror WE ALL KNOW was self serving. Jodi is behind bars. It’s in the back of my mind that there’s always a chance she can slip through the cracks. This killer has left me with a lot of fear. I have to still try and live my life. I had fear and anxiety just taking out the trash at night.

  12. Vinnie Great article ! I wish more people would see the way you and I do. I had a brother who was murdered over nothing he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. These people who are not for the death penalty should really try to put themselves in my position and ask themselves how would they feel if it was their child who was murdered. I guarantee they would want the defendant to get the death penalty. Especially when it is a brutal murder and the murderer went way to far. I’m not a lawyer but I don’t understand how they can lie in court about an innocent person who is now dead. They should have to prove it not just make up some nasty lie and try to make the jury to believe the horrible lie. Personally I don’t know how they can sleep at night. It seems like everyone has to swear to tell the truth but the lawyers.

  13. Excellent work Vinnie. I just got into Podcasts and I was hoping more trial enthusiasts would create more Podcasts. I agree with your Jodi Arias first episode. She is allowed to torture the Alexanders again. She really needs to DIE!

  14. Great Stuff!! Arias has a LIFE Travis and his family either have no life or the lives they had are upside down while she has Fajitas and gets HUGS from Rappers with a hard on for her.
    I like the way you have called her OUT for years, we can all see the frustration in you when you speak of her.
    I loved it when you had George Barwood on HLN because he taunted and challenged you on facebook. I caught every single sarcastic remark you made at him,I debated him on his Free Jodi page and BURNED HIM took several of his group members with me.The man is an Idiot.Vinnie I hope you will stop by our Facebook Page Remembering Travis Alexander and Say Hello.I have shared your blog throughout and wish to express many kudos for your hard work and REAL TALK on this case as well as others.

  15. I don’t think she is that Happy. LOL. I think it’s ALL a LIE. But, all she has to look forward to is food, LOL , then I think it’s still funny. LOL #shouldofgotDEATH

  16. Thank you Vinnie, for bringing the truth to light. I only hope that it reaches the ears of potential jurors for all future trials involving the death penalty. I, personally, am not a death penalty advocate, but my views have changed dramatically after following the Jodi Arias trial. As I became more and more familiar with her antics (and the antics of her defense attorneys and so-called mitigation specialist) I became thoroughly convinced that Jodi Arias should have gone to death row to await her due fate. It disturbs me enormously that she has the ability to live a life with pleasantries. I miss watching you on HLN Vinnie, but I am very happy to learn that you are involved with making pods and keeping us informed. Thank you so much!

  17. I have my own theory here. Remember Ms. Arias is a narcissist who needs to be in the public eye. She needs these phone calls to get air time. She has put careful thought into each and every word she speaks on this call. Instead of a knife she is wielding words to stab the public and hurt the Alexander family. She wants this to be played on media channels so that people get angry just like this. She is a master manipulator and she was able to evoke anger and frustration in you from her tiny, freshly painted jail cell. This rapper, all I can say on that, is that he must be pretty hard up to grasp at his 15 minutes of fame on this lying, manipulator, murderer’s coat tails. The video is a disgrace to the true victims of domestic violence.
    It is funny you started a podcast about this case because that is what I am planning on doing because I have so many questions in this case I have to talk about. So many things that were never mentioned in court that go through my mind. This case has captivated me. I always have followed true crime as a writer but this case is like no other. You just can’t make this stuff up. Good luck to you, I will be listening.

  18. Vinnie I have always thought the idea of life row was an excellant idea. No privileges no tv no phone no cable very little visitation and no contact visits. Death on earth.

  19. She’s trash. She does not deserve any attention at all. As long as we all pay attention to her, she’ll keep thinking she’s a princess. She should be dead.

    1. Unfortunately, she is not dead…but on the other hand, death would be an escape for her, and although the Alexander family wanted the DP, I personally am glad to think of her suffering for many many years in jail. At least, I hope that is the case. I would like to know more about her life in jail…I don’t want to feed into her narcissistic mind, but I would like to know that she gets bad food, infrequent showers, no air conditioning etc! I am not a vindictive person, but Arias has brought out these thoughts in me. (From England.)

  20. Great podcast, Vinnie! I watched nearly all of the trial and was pro-death penalty for her, for exactly the reasons you highlight. I struggle with where I stand with the death penalty in general; however, I wish our justice system had the penalty option of “death row conditions” for life–in a cell 23 hours a day with no human interaction or anything else that comes with a life sentence. I wanted Jodi Arias to get the death penalty so that she was denied the fodder for her manipulative, psychopathic, narcissistic personality.

    Finally, why don’t prosecutors do just what you did–educate jurors what life in prison means–the life they get to live, the lifestyle they get to enjoy?

  21. The more I hear the recording – the more I’m *convinced* JA was in on having the phone call released. (a) Kareem is still FB friends w/MDLR (why would MDLR still have him as a friend if she thought he double-crossed JA by releasing calls without her knowledge?) (b) it’s been released with JA knowledge so she can tell the “haters” how *wonderful* it is in jail. Fajitas, lots of TV channels, no weight gain, etc. Pathetic – she’s *still* playing games.

  22. I can’t wait to see this podcast. This POS s unbelievable whenever her lips are moving. I don’t know what all she said, but people sentenced to life in prison in AZ are not allowed to attend any classes or participate in most activities. They would be taking up the space of someone who is going to be released and can, perhaps, benefit from the classes and/or other activities. She can’t be happy in GenPop. Other prisoners would/should be very mean to her. Unless someone hopes to garner some type of recognition by being her friend, I cannot imagine anyone being friends with her. She has to purchase her TV. It isn’t really cable TV as we know it. It’s still more than Travis gets. I am not a fan of the death penalty, except in a few cases. Jodie tops the list. I found it hard to believe that any juror believed Jodie or any of her “mitigation” witnesses. The prosecutor was so masterful in discrediting them all. That trial kept me glued to the TV the whole time. I very much enjoyed your coverage of the trial.

  23. WOW. I did not listen to the podcast, as I am hopeless with technology. I do know though, all about Jodi Arias. I wish that she had got the death penalty, because that’s what the Alexander family wanted. Personally, I am glad to think that she will live the rest of her life in jail. Her smirking arrogance and lies, and the way that she obviously thought that the jury liked and believed her, oh! As for Alyce La Violent and Ms. Wilmott…they both deserve to fry in hell. (From England. )

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