One on JUAN interview with Juan Martinez -004


He is the man who put Jodi Arias in prison for life.  He is the man who attacked Killer Arias in court with a relentless cross examination and exposed her for what she is.  Now Juan Martinez speaks with Vinnie … One on Juan, Prosecutor to Prosecutor… revealing the truth of what was happening inside that Maricopa County courtroom… and telling us what he really thinks about Arias and the defense… It’s the interview we’ve waited almost 3 years to hear.

10 thoughts on “One on JUAN interview with Juan Martinez -004”

  1. The best interview with Juan Martinez, since the announcement of his book being released. You are one of my favorites Vinnie having watched you on television for years. Keep up the great work.

  2. Miss you very much daily on IN SESSION. Of all the shows
    That have left the air, IN SESSION bothered me the most. You were oneof the main reasons that made this show the great piece of tv it was. I hope your career is going well and you continue the great work you have demonstrated through the years. As I write this I am listening to the Juan Martinez you did with him. Having watched the entire trial, him speaking to you one on one is amazing. Best of luck to you now and in the future……

  3. The fiery prosecutor in Jodi Arias’ murder trial has made the shock revelation that Arias almost went free – despite stabbing her ex-boyfriend 29 times and shooting him in the face.

  4. I still have some questions about the evidence:
    1.What kind of knives were found in the Cobalt ‘escape’ car on July 15, 2008. Was it ever determined that they belonged to D. Brewer?
    2. Was Brewer’s sister ever interviewed to confirm Jodi’s said plans to photograph her baby?
    3. Was it ever clarified with Jodi’s family how the 25 c bullets matching the grandparent’s gun, were in their house?
    4. Were investigators able to match the cartridge and spent bullet directly to the batch found at her parent’s house?
    5. Has Jodi launched an appeal of her sentence, and what do we know about that?
    6. Is Jodi spending her appellate fund money on perks and commissary?
    Thanks, MdM

  5. Vinnie, you are an excellent interviewer. You were able to provide us, the Jodi Arias trial viewers, the “real” Juan Martinez. Of all the interviews with Juan Martinez about his book, you by far were the best! I was shocked when I heard Juan stating he is shy. In Session was such an excellent show and I enjoyed watching you daily. Good luck in your career.

  6. Thanks for bringing this to us, Vinnie. It was a memorable trial and Juan was certainly a memorable part of it. I miss your great talent. I wish you could get back on a national stage so I could see your reporting again. Hope you are enjoying what you are doing, though. Keep up the great work with Legal Insanity!

  7. Just listened to your Juan interview again. It was amazing, Vinnie. You’re so right! I do view Juan as the People’s Prosecutor. He is so dedicated to his profession and it was so interesting listening to his responses. I hope we get to see another one of his trials on TV.

  8. I think that Juan Martinez should come to England and be given a Knighthood by our Queen! God bless you Juan! (You too Vinnie!)

  9. I so admire you Juan. Yes at times I felt you were forcing the jury to sympathize with Jodi too much by attacking her so vehemently but it all turned out right in the end. And Vinnie I think you did an excellent job covering the trial and in this interview.

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