SHUT UP Kirk Nurmi – 010


Kirk Nurmi represented Killer Arias.  I didn’t attack him during the trial.  I treated him the same as every other attorney for both sides.  He was doing his job.  Someone has to represent killers for our system to work.

Now Nurmi has stepped into the world of media.  He is spouting his opinions and trying to shape public perception.  Specifically he is attacking the media’s coverage of high profile trials.  He has crossed into my world and I can not remain silent.

What he says is dangerous and outright inaccurate.  That’s why it is time for me to respond and set the record straight and time to SHUT UP Kirk Nurmi!

OJ’s KNIFE found! -009


Is it possible this is really OJ’s knife?  Will investigators be able to test this knife and prove it is OJ’s.  Forensic Investigator Joseph Scott Morgan from Jacksonville State University takes a look.

If this is true will it bring any sense of justice to the families?  Is this an incredible discovery or some sort of a sick publicity stunt related to the TV series?

Many questions… listen in for some answers.

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s AUTOPSY Released -008


The tragic death of Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina is an open investigation.  The DA’s file has NOT been closed.  There is a wrongful death lawsuit pending against Nick Gordon.  And now for the first time the Autopsy Results have been made public.

Forensic Death Investigator Joseph Scott Morgan from Jacksonville State University explains the report and compares her death to the tragic end of Whitney Houston’s life.

It’s an in-depth compelling look at this BRAND NEW information!

Steven Avery: Guilty OR Framed Part 1 -007


I am very skeptical when it comes to defendants who claim to be innocent, especially when they say they’ve been framed.  But there are millions of people who now believe convicted murderer Steven Avery was framed after watching the Netflix docu-series Making A Murderer.  I am not one of them, but I have an open mind.

That’s why I am putting together a series podcasts to examine the issues and evidence in this case.  There were obviously things that were done incorrectly. There were problems in the way the investigation was handled.  However, does this all add up to a “frame job.”

The first issue I want to look at is who this guy is and where he is from.  Helping me out is an incredible investigative journalist from HLN.  She uncovered shocking information in the Casey Anthony case and now she working this one. Natisha Lance takes us inside the world of Steven Avery as we try to figure out if Steven Avery is Guilty OR Framed.

When a Cop pulls out a GUN with Mike Brooks -006

262 (3)

Police are under fire.  We see the cases playing out all over the country.  Police facing indictments, police being criticized, police afraid to do their jobs.  But what do the men and women in blue really think.  What is it like to strap on a holster, put on the uniform and interact with criminals and the community.  Unless you are a cop… you don’t know.

Mike Brooks has lived that life on the streets of Washington DC.  Now Mike gets rid of the filter and tells us what is really on a cop’s mind.  What are they thinking when they pull out a gun?  Mike Brooks takes us inside a cop’s MIND!

CaseyAnthonyPREGNANT…Nooooo! -005


Rumors swirling again that the nation’s most hated ex-mother is pregnant again.  Rumors also swirling that she is not saying who the father is AGAIN.  This baby needs to be saved… this father has rights… So IF this is true (she’s been known to lie) I will tell you how to get that baby out of the clutches of this ex-Mom.  Helping me save that baby is family law attorney Randy Kessler.  Buckle your seatbelts for a ride into the place we hope we never have to go… family court with Casey “Convicted Felon” Anthony…

One on JUAN interview with Juan Martinez -004


He is the man who put Jodi Arias in prison for life.  He is the man who attacked Killer Arias in court with a relentless cross examination and exposed her for what she is.  Now Juan Martinez speaks with Vinnie … One on Juan, Prosecutor to Prosecutor… revealing the truth of what was happening inside that Maricopa County courtroom… and telling us what he really thinks about Arias and the defense… It’s the interview we’ve waited almost 3 years to hear.

Bill Cosby NEEDS to be Prosecuted


I am tired of hearing all these pundits tell us why this case shouldn’t be prosecuted.   DAs who are doing their job have an obligation and a duty to always seek justice.  When an accuser comes forward and you believe that accuser, it is time to act.  Your obligation is not to just bring those cases when your evidence is overwhelming… it is to bring charges when you believe you can finally stop and punish someone who has violated laws and victims. Sometimes cases aren’t easy, but that’s what separates real prosecutors from posers.

Plus Defense Attorney JOEY JACKSON takes us behind closed doors to explain what  really happens in that attorney client meeting with a defendant like Cosby.jjlove

…And it’s a BOMBSHELL of a Court TV Reunion with NANCY GRACE!


WORSE than Casey Anthony!

CooperHarris photo (1)

The death of Caylee Marie Anthony in Orlando was horrible. I spent a lot of time in Orange County.  I saw evidence photos in the courtroom that we could not show on television.  But at the end of the case there were still some questions about exactly what had happened to that sweet young girl.

We do know what her mother did on the day she died and for 31 days afterwards.  Those despicable actions were well documented and crystal clear to everyone.  They are the reason people hate Caylee’s mother.

Well today I want to tell you about a case that is WORSE.  You have probably heard about it already, but I want you to pay special attention to it today and later this Spring when we go to court.

Once you hear some of the details about what really happened and what this father was doing, you will realize this is WORSE than Casey Anthony.

My apologies for invoking the name, but I needed to do it to get everyone’s attention and to give the death of Cooper Harris a point of reference.

Jodi Arias SHOULD Die – 001

photo (1)jodi-arias-jail

This podcast is what every potential juror needs to know before they head to court to listen to the LIES spewed from the mouths of defense attorneys.

There is an enormous problem with Death Penalty cases which the public needs to know about.  After a killer is convicted we move onto the penalty phase of the trial.  This is where the jury must decide life or death.   This is when criminal defense attorneys tell the jury that life without parole is a worse punishment than death.  They say death is the easy way out, and the real way to punish the killer is to send them away with no chance of ever getting out.

Sometimes jurors buy this argument.  What they are really buying is a BIG LIE. Life without parole is a life.  It’s a life full of leisure activities, human interaction and time for personal enjoyment.  This is now being proven by Killer Jodi Arias.

In this Episode of Legal Insanity I will prove to you with the help of Killer Arias that life without parole doesn’t even come close to sitting on death row.  Killer Arias’ jailhouse phone calls  prove this point.  Killer Arias and her new pal, rapper  Kareem Williams aka Lefty, detail Killer’s new life which is full of leisure and joy.

Listen to the podcast so you will know the TRUTH about what is really happening in our system of justice!