Prosecuting the INNOCENT with Judge Alex


There is a BIG difference between Not Guilty and Innocent.  Everyday in courts around the country criminal defendants are found Not Guilty by a jury.  These are primarily cases where the prosecution did not have enough evidence to prove the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  It doesn’t mean the defendant didn’t do it.  It just means there wasn’t enough evidence.  BIG difference.

But once in a blue moon a factually innocent person is prosecuted, put on trial. This shouldn’t happen, but it does.  So what REALLY happens when an INNOCENT person is put on trial.  What does it mean, how does it happen, what traanspires inside the courtroom.

TV”s Judge Alex joins the Insanity to give his unique perspective on what happens when the INNOCENT are prosecuted!

2 thoughts on “Prosecuting the INNOCENT with Judge Alex”

  1. I am totally in love with your Vinnie Show. They are all interesting and humorous. You are the best thing that’s happened since HLN. Remember all the reenactments you did on JA during the trial. Mom and I loved those. (God rest her soul) We did not miss one night. I hope this continues and maybe we can get you back fulltime. Love Judge Alex as well.

  2. People with common sense understand the difference between Not Guilty and Innocent. Sad thing is common sense isn’t a flower that grows in everyone’s garden. If it did there would be no confusion about “reasonable doubt”.

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