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Kirk Nurmi represented Killer Arias.  I didn’t attack him during the trial.  I treated him the same as every other attorney for both sides.  He was doing his job.  Someone has to represent killers for our system to work.

Now Nurmi has stepped into the world of media.  He is spouting his opinions and trying to shape public perception.  Specifically he is attacking the media’s coverage of high profile trials.  He has crossed into my world and I can not remain silent.

What he says is dangerous and outright inaccurate.  That’s why it is time for me to respond and set the record straight and time to SHUT UP Kirk Nurmi!

45 thoughts on “SHUT UP Kirk Nurmi – 010”

  1. I am currently in the process of reading his books and begin to understyhis personal and professional dilemma. That is not to say, he has chosen his career for sure, none the less, he did have a job to do ultimately he reached his goal. In his book, I do find however, that he tends to blame many people and the system.

  2. Loving your podcasts!

    Nurmi is a piece of work. Thanks for taking on his ridiculous ramblings in the NYDailyNews (clearly not the finest newspaper around) WTF – why are they even publishing his stuff? Desperate for copy?

    You should REBUT!

  3. A leopard does not change it’s spots. He lied all thru the trial and then lied about lying. He was a poorcexcuse for s human being.

  4. Vinnie…what saddens well as millions of others. have been taken off tv and can no longer cover our laws being broken and the people who committed them..your coverage was what made court tv and hln plesant and educational to watch and to teach us the law..sure hope you can find your way back to the millions that followed you every day..we do miss you…TERRY HARDEE V.R.GA

    1. I agree totally! I miss InSession and HLN’S trial coverage…..I miss Vinnie and Beth Karas and Lisa Bloom! I want my COURT TV back!!!!!! Got hooked back during first O J trial and watched all these years… nothing. Hate It!!!!!

  5. I wonder how many trails he has defended that he was able to get a 3 book deal. I’m guessing this is the only one! The only reason he was able to make this deal is because we all watched the trail!!!
    If he was so worried about the justice system why was he spewing lies about Travis Alexander! The accusations of child molestation being brought forth with out ANY evidence is absolutely disgusting and make the justice system unbelievable.
    Thank you Vinnie for sharing Nurmi’s ridiculous rants, some how they really don’t surprise me!!
    Yours truly
    Susan Dennie

    1. Hi Susan – Nurmi is self publishing. He likely heard Juan was writing a book and wanted to beat him to it, but no one took him up on it. He is doing a poor job of defending his defense!

  6. Brilliant podcast! I was very foolish and bought Nurmi’s first book on the Arias case. Illiterate is the only comment I can make. Yes, he came up with secret stuff here and there, but overall it was a self-serving piece of rubbish. I can see why he didn’t get a contract and had to self-publish. On and on about his own sacrifices. On the other hand, I read Juan Martinez’ Conviction. Well-researched and excellently-delivered piece of work. Fascinating … and well done you!

  7. Someone should tell L. Kirk Nurmi that if “justice” is hindered in the court room, it is not because of any cameras present, it is because of unscrupulous lawyers who assist their clients in crafting their lies! Mr. Nurmi is not a stupid man but he sure thinks that the people who watched the “Jodi Arias Show” are stupid! Just as the viewers knew she was lying, Mr. Nurmi knew it, too. He knew every answer she gave to all his questions. He knew that Travis wasn’t a paedophile yet he worked it that disgusting point in as much as he could! Then, he has the temerity to speak about how family members would feel about Prosecutors profiting from their cases?!? I think family members care more about getting justice for their victimized live ones. With attorneys like L. Kirk Nurmi assisting their clients in their lying is the outrage–where is the Justice in that? It is defense attorneys like L. Kirk Nurmi who has effectively eradicated “justice” from our legal system!

    1. what evidence was provided to prove TA wasn’t a Pedo? IMHO seems to be fair as the burden of proof was on Jodi not the prosecution, in both cases I do not think this is how Law is supposed to work, just saying.

  8. Vinnie. I appreciate your candid statements towards Kirk Nurmi.. Its about time someone tells him hes full of crap!! Nurmi is jealous of Juan. Juan has a much higher set of ethics, morals and standards than Nurmi could ever possibly have. In fact I did not see any evidence through the entire trial that Nurmi possessed any!! All I saw was a slothy, slouchy, nosepicking jerk who skated around the truth using lies, sex and smoke and mirrors to get an evil murderer off death row. He paraded clowns disguised as experts to the witness stand, one who actually believed Snow White was a victim of abuse, to taint the truth. A decent defense attorney would have not stooped to the levels of dishonesty that Nurmi did. There was no reason why Nurmi could not have defended his murdering client using the truth but instead he chose to slaughter Travis over and over knowing he was twisting Travis frustration of learning someone he trusted and defended was nothing more than an evil, stalking Psychopath. Nurmi did not have to stoop to disgusting lies and sex which he really seemed to enjoy talking and talking and talkinggggg about when the rest of the world were disgusted by it. Nurmi is so concerned about the “sanctity of the criminal justice system” when he knowingly went along with a BS defense! Why is he more entitled to write a book than Juan? At least Juan told the truth in his when Nurmi used his for damage control, or tried to. Most people recognize you for what you are Nurmi and we dont like what we see. We know you are jealous of Juan. After all Hes a better person, a much better prosecutor vs you as a lawyer and his book is much better than yours, even though I would never stoop to read your pathtic book even if I saw it laying in someones trash. Juans book quickly made it to the top and yours never will. Why because your disgusting!!

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  9. My daughter was murdered and the first reporting came from reporters who were at the scene reported it. Although I had no problem with the media reporting, I did have a problem with sharing visceral reactions initially with he reporters and also the coverage of victim’s emotions. If I had to say one thing to address public trials, it would be that victims families should be in separate rooms if desired so that their reactions to the heinous details of the slaughters is private. I will never forget the way the family of Travis Alexander was drug through the mud by this salacious trial and how the defendant used pornography and deceitful lies to rule the courtroom with pathological lying and how Nurmi allowed the denigration of the victim without evidence nor proof of pedophilia. It is my opinion that just as alleged criminals are granted innocence until proven guilty, that the same rule should apply to victims who can’t represent their side of the story because they are dead! Travis Alexander and his family were tortured both emotionally and financially. I know this burden myself after having to pick up the pieces and aftermath that happens because of one person’s actions. Nurmi is wrong and you are correct that trials are public and this is something we accept in this country. I have never had such disrespect for an attorney for the way he concentrated on a sexual relationship instead of the charges of murder and depravity. I read the book Conviction and if it had not been for the very methodical and pursuit for evidence to prove Ms. Arias had been in Arizona and that she was a pathological liar that this case might have been based on the lies of the murderer and the defense of those lies! I have zero respect for Nurmi for allowing the victim to be re-victimized over and over again along with his family. I would never support Nurmi in any of his ventures personally nor would I buy anything written or penned by him. The only truth that lies in the case of Jodi Arias is that she was deserving of the death penalty which alluded her by a rogue juror who failed to do her duty in following the evidence and rules of law.

  10. Very good podcast Vinnie, I enjoy listening to your show. What’s interesting to me is that all the backlash and finger pointing on both sides of the Arias trial come down to one person who is to blame for all of it, and that is Arias herself. She is a good manipulator, getting people to fight amongst themselves instead of looking at her and what a “reality tv” trial she created, just like you pointed out!

  11. Let Wormie Nurmie have it Vinnie, he deserves it cause the defense he used was he sling with Arias killed Travis over and over by dragging Travis’s name thru the mud by saying he was a child molester! And who came up with the idea to do that, Nurmie seems like that kind of person who gets into that kind of stuff or Arias if she was so smart would have thought up something different or maybe she’s not as smart as she thought. Just saying….

  12. Vinnie,

    I completely understood that Mr. Nurmi had a job to do, and yes it was his choice also. I do remember that at numerous times he wanted to remove himself from representing Jodi Arias also. I am not a Jodi Arias supporter and was very upset with the outcome of the trial. It does annoy me as to how he is now. I truly believe, that he is jealous and that is a terrible thing. I feel he is speaking out of turn, very jealous, quite bitter and a discredit to other attorneys across the world. You’re right, he needs to just shut up.

  13. I agree with you completely Vinnie. Kurt Nurmi is a loser that is now trying to make people believe it was the media’s fault the murderer got LWOP.
    I couldn’t stand him then and I can’t stand him now. He should slink back into his office and never be heard from again.

  14. I for one have always been fascinated by our judicial system, and love watching live trials. Always been interested in the process itself. I was, in 2001, on a death qualified jury…really never should have gone to trial. Argued diminished capacity, didn’t work…anyway, I would be very suspect if our criminal trial system were to go behind closed doors. We, as a country, are already suspicious of our government so, that would be a giant step in the wrong direction. As I was listening early on, public access tv and shows like Cspan came to mind, before you mentioned them. As you said, anyone can go to a courtroom, and watch just about any trial. In my opinion, televising them, would seem to bring a higher quality of work from both sides. Knowing that that many people are watching just may bring out the best in some attorneys…they may take the case a little more seriously. I would hope they do their best on a daily basis but, sadly, that’s not always the case. I wanted to thank you personally, watching you covering trials, I learned many things about our system…not all of it good, but always educational.

  15. I never like the man not because he was arias lawyer.But by the way he conducted himself in court.He was a teenage that was waiting for the bell to ring.He think that because he had surgery to lose weight.He has everything.But wait until later when his real problems start happening.He does not need to be a lawyer of any kind.Because he really don’t know how.So you SHUT UP kirk nurmi.He doesn’t deserve to have his name in caps.

  16. Nurmi you cashed in on hours and hours of paychecks from the state throughout the delays and years at an increased rate of a private attorney , not Juan if he’s at fault for your disguised remarks regarding his professionalism and your wish that Juan Martinez not to profit from an extraordinary account of a trial a circus most in cause by the unprofessional mayhem both you and the defense team in whole and your convicted self confessed murdering client caused by actions only owned by your team with you Nurmi , at the helm , and then professing like arias does when she tries to pretend she is socially conscious , and collecting profits yourself from a weight loss book and part one of two books blowing up your own client , is very telling of your nature . Your defense strategies in court fell flat , your non amusing borderline illegal and morally bankrupt procedures in trial , both disgust the public and demean the family of the victim , your knowledge of law questionable your incompetence in case siting in evidential tampering and comparative antics gained yourself a reputation of inept and whining and accusational strategies , if you call throwing spaghetti on the wall to see if it sticks , then adding false statements accusations to win , to accuse everyone under the sun for you not doing your job being led around by the nose by your outrageous client , then performing like a circus clown a job you were in any way earning more than twice what the prosecutor was earning , a career then go back and remove Jodi arias in your resume for your services . You’ve used your own client and threw her under the bus and ran away in court as soon as she was sentenced , you are a coward an unprofessional nobody who bored the hell out of the public as we watched you examine question your witnesses , repeatedly crying to the judge , lying about the victims character trying to slam the prosecutor to win your case , lying to witnesses to get them to testify tampering with evidence , accusations that fell flat , as your attempts at authoring a book very telling your jealousy and what’s not telling us why you think you of all people should comment on the performance of other prosecutors without s bit of knowledge of what your talking about it your lack of competency prevents this from fruition . You are a hack and like your client find it easier to blame others under the guise of public service , when you are to blame for the hell you’ve created .

  17. Vinnie, you are a compassionate person, which comes out in every broadcast that you do. I have enjoyed watching you for years. I always feel comfortable that I am getting as much of the truth about cases as possible. No one can convince me that you are anything but upstanding and honest. God Bless You and Yours for all you do to make this world a better place. Wishing You Joy-filled Days.

  18. OMG Vinnie–I laugh out loud for real when your mean guitar is playing and you say “shut up Kirk Nurmi”…I enjoyed that. However, your points are very good and well taken, and I have always enjoyed listening to you! Wish court tv was still on and you were still there! But it seems your life is going well and know that you are very well liked and everybody loves your ideas and coverage!

  19. Right on the mark as always Vinnie…..hope to see IN SESSION return one day with you and Beth and Mike back where you really belong. Keep up the good work as you always do. Hope you find a way to have your show piped into NY via some station as I miss your commentary. Excellent piece on Nurmi.

  20. kirk nurmi is full of crap. his way of thinking is illogical and out right dangerous! he says in his book if you cannot disprove that someone is a pedophile then they must be one. so everyone and anyone can be one. nurmi is off his rocker. he says it was never disproved about the VICTIM travis so it must be so. wow he is out right crazy!!! he also believes arias was abused–in his world everyone is abused! he makes me sick to my stomach with the untruth he spewed in his book. the letters were proven to be fake-arias was never abused-he didn’t get her off death row juror 17 did that-i could go on and on

  21. Agree so much, Vinnie. It’s just sour grapes on his part. Maybe he didn’t like the comments ppl made about him during the trial.
    Love ur podcasts and shows.


  22. Well Said ! Thank goodness we were able to see this trail , as it was clearly shown to the world what a ridiculously fair trail this woman got and Jodi deserved the death penalty . KURT NURMI Is just ashamed that he based his case on lies and profited from those lies . And now that he has faced a cancer near death scare he has to justify how he turned the case into a REALITY T.V show as he has to live with the shame of the terrible pedophile LIES they made up about this pure young man TRAVIS that his evil client brutally murdered because he was fighting a sexual addiction to her and was trying everything he could to stay away from Jodi . Kurt has to face his maker oneday and justify those lies and he is ashamed that the whole world got to see him lie through his teeth .

  23. I will ALWAYS consider him a DISPICABLE person!! Sure killer scum bags need to be defended,BUT it was the way he chose to defend the EVIL SCUMBAG KILLER!! With DISPICABLE LIES!! I could care less if he dropped off the face of the earth,in fact I wish he would!! He is against the cameras in the courtroom because he does NOT want the public to know what a ASSHOLE he is!! The kicker is the public paid his fee,JERK!! There is no line he will cross to win his case and I for one think it should be ILLEAGAL to spout off unfounded LIES about the victim! This should be ILLEAGAL!! Who the hell cares what he thinks,he is SCUM from head to toe! If LAURANCE NURMI don’t like the cameras in the courtroom then hit the road and go to China or better yet Syria! Seems to me Laurance Nurmi LOVES the media and cameras when it come to promoting his AWFUL book!! The EVIL KILLER MANIPULATED HER LAWYERS,her psychologist and the judge! And they ALL should be EMBARRESSED! So GO AWAY AND SHUT UP LAURANCE NURMI!! You SUCK!!!!!!

  24. Hi Vinnie, I really miss you on HLN and have been listening to your podcasts. This one regarding Nurmi was very good and I especially LOVED your interview with Juan!!! So much better than Nancy Grace’s interview (where she posed questions and then interrupted his responses with her own babbling.) Thank you for your work and I miss you on TV. God bless!

  25. Nurmi seems to be a media hound just like his client. He bashes the system and cashes in on the system he bashes. Seems to be he makes sure he stays current in the news. The very media he blames for his client’s notoriety. He writes a book trying to distance himself from her lies and it was a book for profit. Then he bashes Juan for writing a book. Then he sprouts off that in essence we need to turn the courtroom back to the 1500’s. Really?
    I don’t feel sorry for Nurmi. I bought his first book but I won’t be buying the other 2. He is a hypocrite. He won’t take responsibility for anything and spends way too much effort blaming everyone. He is using the very thing he whines about to stay in the news, his clients infamy. Shut up Nurmi before everyone sees you as more than a murderer’s attorney and more like a whining loser!

  26. I found him despicable and disrespectful also. However, I do know that he did not want to defend Arias, and tried to get out of that job several times, and was denied. His behaviour in court though, made him a kind of laughing stock…fat and flobby and at times seemed to be picking his nose! EEwwwH!!

  27. Thanks for calling out nurmi. He is marked for life as a dirty, lying, perverted half-a** defense attorney. The beauty of it is, he did it to himself. The laughable part is, he has blamed everyone else. His and wilmotts jealousy was beyond obvious. They were so unprofessional all day, everyday in the court room. Hell, I don’t even believe the cancer story. I think he has tried everything in his dirty bag of tricks to gain the popularity that Juan Martinez has earned, yes Nurmi, earned.
    Perhaps books 2 and 3 should be shelved for now. It just seems like a lot of work just to have people laugh at you again. But hey if your poor ego needs it nurms then be my guest.

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