Steven Avery: Guilty OR Framed Part 1 -007


I am very skeptical when it comes to defendants who claim to be innocent, especially when they say they’ve been framed.  But there are millions of people who now believe convicted murderer Steven Avery was framed after watching the Netflix docu-series Making A Murderer.  I am not one of them, but I have an open mind.

That’s why I am putting together a series podcasts to examine the issues and evidence in this case.  There were obviously things that were done incorrectly. There were problems in the way the investigation was handled.  However, does this all add up to a “frame job.”

The first issue I want to look at is who this guy is and where he is from.  Helping me out is an incredible investigative journalist from HLN.  She uncovered shocking information in the Casey Anthony case and now she working this one. Natisha Lance takes us inside the world of Steven Avery as we try to figure out if Steven Avery is Guilty OR Framed.

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  1. I have been watching the documentary on Netflix. although I think Steven Avery is definitely no angel. And the nephew Brendon definitely has learning disability.and I believe Steven Avery could be guilty of a lot of things. But I do believe this was a frame job. The first time they put him in prison for 18 years I think they just did not like him at that time and they did not care to look any further at a suspect that they knew was committing sexual assaults and was supposed to be under surveillance. And as far as this case is concerned, I believe they wanted to get out of paying him 36 million dollars or any other amount close to it. They didn’t even make a big deal or a public apology about being sorry for the 18 years and his wife that he was wrongfully imprisoned. when they had deputies telling them that they thought they had the wrong guy, And giving them another suspect on a platter. They paid no attention. instead of being empathetic or sympathetic I believe that the department was embarrassed. I do believe the family was outcasts. And there are just too many things that don’t add up for the murder case. everything from multiple witnesses that say they were with him. all the way down to only his DNA being on the key. come on the owner of this car has had it for how many years? and her DNA is nowhere on the key! Also before they ever even knew for sure if she was missing or dead the police wanted to know if he was in custody or if they had a body yet. also the depth of involvement of the Manitowoc County officials when a whole other County we’re the ones that were supposed to be investigating. the 16 year old boy you can tell that he is just guessing at what they want him to say. And he has no idea what kind of trouble he’s going to be in with the things he said he wants to know is he going to make it to his 6th period In school on time. then he thinks when I tell him he’s going to be arrested he asked for one day or something? he was scared and he told them what he thought they wanted to hear over and over until he finally guessed right. not to mention the bones had been moved. if he were going to move them after they were born why would you put him on his own property. if he were going to hide a car why would he hide it again on his own property why not crush it put it in the river whatever.along with the fact that the blood evidence that was in the evidence room from the first case have the seals broke and a hole punctured in it the size of a syringe. only blood evidence in her car and it belonged only to Steven Avery. He did have a cut on his finger. But how could he have blood from his finger all over the car when there are no fingerprints whatsoever. so obviously the person was wearing gloves. so how could he bleed in the car with gloves on. also her blood is nowhere in the trailer where this was supposed to have taken place with her throat being slashed with her being raped,tortured, hair cut off. not to mention shot at close range period but no blood splatter anywhere. No hair. NO DNA. not to mention they have to search many many many times before they discover the key. the same officer that discovers the key is the same officer whose name appears on many things including the blood DNA sample of Steven Avery’s in the property evidence room. I believe this is definitely a set up. funny how in the documentary they say that it would have to be proven that it was a setup and they don’t think that can be proven. what happened to having to prove that someone is guilty. I don’t think they did that. And now 2 people are serving time for this crime.and honestly I think the cops could have killed her. or maybe they paid her off and she’s not even dead. Who knows! I know that sounds crazy but this whole case is crazy.and even if I did think he was guilty, I don’t believe the nephew knew anything about it.I guess there’s only two people who really know who did it the person that did it and the good Lord above.

  2. Hi Vinnie,
    We sure miss you from the HLN days. Not the same without you or Ryan and others.
    It’s great that you are doing this, because so many of us trial watchers have a lot of doubts on his guilty.
    I have a FB trials group, but there are a lot of Seven Avery groups (guilty or innocent) on FB.
    Will be checking on this. Have a great day.

  3. Thanks for the podcast. Enjoyed. I don’t know if he is guilty or not but he certainly didn’t get a fair trial. I still don’t believe the new story of Jodi.

  4. Great podcast Vinnie!!!
    What bothers me about this case is that 2 people are convicted of murder and the police use two different theories of the murder.
    I bothers me to no end what happened to Brendan Dassey. I would like to see more focus on him than Steven Avery. That poor kid got screwed by his lawyers and the prosecution. I don’t think that anyone can look at this and say he had a fair trail. I also can’t believe that there is any question that he should have the conviction thrown out completely or at worst a new trail.
    Thank you so much Vinnie for give us a forum to be able to state our opinions. I get so tired of yelling them at the TV!
    Yours truly
    Susan Dennie

  5. Yo Vinny, You said you wanted evidence he was framed. Ok, here goes. 1. The timing for one, right before he is going to court to collect 36 million dollars this happens. 2. When Teresa was murdered, none of the investigators Manitowoc City Police Department were supposed to be in on the investigation because of the law suit. yet only physical evidence was found when they were allowed on Steven’s property. 3. As soon as Teresa was reported missing the police said to dispatcher “I hope you have Steven Avery picked up” or something to that effect. 4. Interviewed Brenden without a lawyer or his mother. Look there are a lot more things but you know what guilty or not the physical evidence is not there and he and his nephew deserve a FAIR trial so we can put this to bed.

  6. I know as a former prosecutor it has to be in your DNA to be highly suspect that this was a frame job. But to be fair, you are going to have to consider- that the ones accused of setting up SA were “defendants” – like any other defendants w/ an enormous amount of evidence against them in a law suit of malicious prosecution -likely to ruin their lives. People who are USED to being the ones in a position of power. That motivation can make people do things that their peers would be shocked over. Take that and then look closely at the overwhelming amount of suspicious behavior of the police, in Manitowoc and the special prosecutor. Becs while I believe that not every1 involved in his conviction were aware of the depth of malfeasance- I DO believe Ken Kratz became aware at a certain point. That press conference he gave? Maybe 1 can write that off to his diagnosed ‘narcissism’ (per Ken Kratz himself) but narcissists have zero qualms of manipulating facts in order to forward their agenda.
    I have done an in depth review of trial transcripts and read everything the parties have put forth post Making a Murder. Everything Kratz has argued has not held up – outside of the fact the vacutainer blood vial hole piercing DOES appear to be common practice. He has time and again argued the documentary left things out. But what he offers as ‘proof’ of SAs guilt – it turns out was ruled inadmissible by the trial judge (a judge highly favorable to the state btw) and unreliable. THAT is disingenuous and further brings Kratz credibility into question. Zellner is bringing in new DNA blood tests that are able to show the ‘age’ of the blood- from the vial and the sample left on THs car. My faith is w/ Zellner. She is highly highly discerning before taking on anyone’s case – and further must b convinced not only that the accused is NOT guilty- but is innocent. Be wary in your assumption to so quickly write this one off. IMO – this is going to do major damage to the Manitowoc Cty law enforcement officials. I’m just afraid that a WI judge is going to be more worried about the ‘implications’ of a reversal or new trial- and will have intense pressure to NOT do the RIGHT thing!

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