When a Cop pulls out a GUN with Mike Brooks -006

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Police are under fire.  We see the cases playing out all over the country.  Police facing indictments, police being criticized, police afraid to do their jobs.  But what do the men and women in blue really think.  What is it like to strap on a holster, put on the uniform and interact with criminals and the community.  Unless you are a cop… you don’t know.

Mike Brooks has lived that life on the streets of Washington DC.  Now Mike gets rid of the filter and tells us what is really on a cop’s mind.  What are they thinking when they pull out a gun?  Mike Brooks takes us inside a cop’s MIND!

5 thoughts on “When a Cop pulls out a GUN with Mike Brooks -006”

  1. OMG, have I ever missed this duo…how I wish these discussions were every day, Vinnie and Mike, together again!

    This was a great podcast…and as usual, my two warriors for Justice said all the right things. Are there bad cops out there, yes, and we all know that. But the 5% that are will never shake my faith in, or stop my support for, the 95% that are good and decent. I have nothing but respect and appreciation for LEO’s…they put their lives on the line every single day so that my streets and community will be safe.

    The war against them is so disgusting and it makes me nauseated that the President supports felons and anarchy in the streets instead of the men and women on the front lines defending us from evil.

    I stand with Law Enforcement….always! God bless and keep them all safe. Thank you, Mike and Vinnie for filling the Internet with truth.

  2. Mike Brooks cannot speak for every cop unless he is admitting that he is racist. There are racist cops and they have murdered time and time again. I have listened to Mike Brooks on HLN and with video evidence, Mike HAS NEVER ADMITTED A COP IS WRONG. He makes an excuse for every incident. Btw, my dad is a retired cop, and he doesn’t agree that it is ok to shoot first and ask questions later. I ask u what murders have taken place that were not in front of dashcams or people’s cell phones? Take a look at history. All of these deaths were justified? My point, there are evil racist cops on the payroll and the other cops turn their heads and help them cover their dirt.

    1. I understand your point, but I have actually been on the air with Mike Brooks when he has criticized the way a police officer handled a case. Mike has very strong opinions and when he sees a cop doing something he believes is wrong he will absolutely call them out. However I agree that you and Mike may see certain actions by police differently. Finally Mike does not speak for all cops, he speaks from his decades of experience as a street cop, detective, fire chief, and member of the FBI joint terrorism task force. As in all professions (including journalism) there are good apples and some bad apples. Thanks for listening and voicing your opinion!

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