WORSE than Casey Anthony!

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The death of Caylee Marie Anthony in Orlando was horrible. I spent a lot of time in Orange County.  I saw evidence photos in the courtroom that we could not show on television.  But at the end of the case there were still some questions about exactly what had happened to that sweet young girl.

We do know what her mother did on the day she died and for 31 days afterwards.  Those despicable actions were well documented and crystal clear to everyone.  They are the reason people hate Caylee’s mother.

Well today I want to tell you about a case that is WORSE.  You have probably heard about it already, but I want you to pay special attention to it today and later this Spring when we go to court.

Once you hear some of the details about what really happened and what this father was doing, you will realize this is WORSE than Casey Anthony.

My apologies for invoking the name, but I needed to do it to get everyone’s attention and to give the death of Cooper Harris a point of reference.

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  1. This man should burn in hell for what he did to this baby. He knew exactly what he was doing. As a matter of fact, he and his wife planned it. They did not want this child for whatever reason and came up with this ploy to get rid of him. He should get the death penalty and so should she!!!!!

    1. Wow… what a horrendous death this child suffered. The Father should suffer the same. America’s justice system is too easy on pieces of crap like Casey Anthony and this guy. God bless that baby.

  2. They are both equally the worse!!!! I still can not believe she never got convicted of anything. I guess it doesn’t matter to our Justice system that the poor baby was thrown away like trash. They never made anyone responsible for that and I guess it is no big deal to them her body was wrapped in a plastic bag. They are not going to waste their time looking for who did that. Unbelievable!!!!

  3. Thank you Vinnie for always being the voice of the victim who cannot speak for themselves. The narrative of what actually happened in that car is horrifying but I would not have thought through the details of the odor, if I had not heard it here. Hopefully, that one fact will resonate with a jury, the way it has with me. There are monsters amongst us, in the likes of this pos father and Casey Anthony.

  4. I can’t imagine how this “father” sleeps at night. I’m not even going to mention the mother of Caylee who could look down the street and know where her baby was… However we had a case here where a new mother forgot her baby in the car and when she left work and opened the car door the odor knocked her out literally to the ground. It sickens me to think he smelled nothing !!

  5. a death of a child is not one worse than the other,,casey anthony murdered her child and so did this POS,, both children are dead,, what can be worse than that,, remember ,casey didn’t want her child from the beginning,,she is a demon and so is this POS

    1. Great point Donna, I think what may be worse is knowing all the horrible details of how that poor little guy suffered.

  6. I pray that it doesn’t turn out like Casey Anthonys trial . I have faith in Juan and his team “But” today’s juries, Not So Sure 🙁

  7. I’ll be watching and waiting. My son was born right before Caylee Anthoney. I could never imagine life going on as usual if my child was taken.
    God save the children, the innocents.

  8. Vinnie, what a fantastic podcast this is! Your guest was wonderful. I had little Cooper’s face in my head as he was describing the horror he went through. Thank you for doing this for us and helping us understand exactly what’s going on in this case.

  9. I don’t know how many people know about the ‘other searches’ that Casey did. Her mother tried to say she did the searches on chloroform. Timelines proved she couldn’t have. So what about the searches Casey did for suffocation on a different server? If they HAD found those searches on the home computer in time would he mother have tried to say she made those as well?

    1. Great question! It was clear at the trial that she was covering for her daughter. It would have been tough to try to say she also made those searches, but I think she would have attempted to.

    2. I read Ashton’s book. I think his prosecution was lame. Kind of like he just sat back, thinking he had her guilt in the bag.
      He admitted in the book, that the prosecution did not even review or investigate the computer evidence they received from the Defense.

  10. hi Vinnie,
    all caught up with legal insanity. love it. great to hear your point of view. joseph is one of my favorites-excellent analysis from both of you.
    how do you like my twitter name? @ sidebar_sarah

  11. The cruelty in which this child was put to death is one that is so hard to even believe possible. Combine that with the fathers activities during the day as his child struggled uselessly against the straps in the car seat that held him captive calls for a death of equal pain and suffering. I am not a death penalty advocate yet I would not object to strapping the father in a car and leaving him there on a hot Georgia day in the sun till his life left his body.

  12. I don’t know if this was “worse” than Caylee Anthony’s death. Both suffered horrendous, painful deaths at the hands of someone they loved and trusted. The lies, deceit, and excuses these parents come up with to remove culpability make it worse.
    We had a case here, where the father took his child, in car sea, and tossed him off a bridge. That one has always bugged me. I hate hearing these things. Id love to put a sign out front of my house “Unwanted Children Welcome Here “. Many times the act of doing it is the satisfaction these sick people desire. I’ll never understand it. I guess that’s a good thing- I know I’ll never have that mindset.

  13. Keith, perhaps it would help if I gave you some specific examples of things that have happened to me at conventions (IT and science, I don’t actually go to Sci Fi conventions) that I consider creeper behavior. Then you can look at the list and be reassured that, in fact, walking up to me and saying hello would not cause me to think of you as a creeper. Unless, I suppose, you also exposed yourself while doing that. I, for the record, think John’s definition of creeper is quite accurate.1. Walking out of my hotel room and finding some guy who talked to me at a poster session standing there in the hallway. Just standing there. He immediately started talking to me when I came out of my room.2. Finally extricating myself from a conversation with a man who was perhaps a little too enthusiastic and going into the women’s room. Coming out several minutes later to find him still standing there. Note: he didn’t cross over to creeper territory until he waited for me to come out of the bathroom. His earlier enthusiasm was just annoying.3. Fielding questions from a man about my boyfriend and whether or not he makes me happy. I’ve left out the time some guy just flat out grabbed my breast, because surely we can all agree that reaching out and squeezing a part of the body that our society considers sexual is waaaay out of line.Now, I work at the intersection of science and IT. I am quite used to being the only woman in the room and the odd sort of attention that comes with that. I have run into a lot of socially awkward people of both sexes. I have, in fact, worked with people who have Aspergers. Until I figured out what was going on with them, they may have struck me as a bit odd- but I never thought they were creepers. Let me also point out that in general, I gain NOTHING by making a big deal out of any guy’s creepy behavior. Quite the opposite. There is a definite cost to my career when I kick up a fuss about this sort of behavior- and yes, I know THAT from personal experience, too- so I don’t do it lightly. In fact, I only raise the issue when I feel my safety is being threatened. You seem very worried about an extremely unlikely outcome, which, even if it happens, will cause you distress but no physical harm. To alleviate that worry, you are asking me to brush away worries about much more likely outcomes, which can quite literally be fatal. I’m sorry, but my safety trumps your feelings.

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